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Rotation Sunday School

Rotation Sunday School means...

• One Bible story is explored over four weeks.

• Each week students “rotate” to a different workshop.

• Hands-on workshops engage kids in learning through art, cooking, science, games, drama and more!

• Kids retain more from each story through repetition and a variety of creative teaching methods.

Where Classes Meet

We love kids! Kid's are invited to attend or visit Sunday School anytime. Enter our building by the doors marked “Education” and go through the doors under the sign that reads “Welcome to Graceland” (Fellowship Hall).

9:00-9:15 a.m. Arrive, fellowship with other students

9:15-9:30 a.m. Music as a group

9:30-10:15 a.m. Rotation lesson in small groups

**Do you love arts and crafts, are you a gourmet in the kitchen, a drama queen, a movie buff or a science nerd? Then you would be a great teacher! You can choose the workshop that best suits your interests or style. The lesson plan is all set for you. All you need to do is show up on Sunday mornings for a four week rotation and have fun sharing God's word with the kids.